Arizona Homeschool

Homeschool Age Requirements: Students between the age of 6 and 16 are required to attend school in Arizona.

Required Subjects: Reading, grammar, math, social studies and science.

Homeschool Background: In Arizona, The parent or guardian must file an affidavit of intent to homeschool with the county school superintendent within 30 days after homeschool begins.  The affidavit of intent shall include: the child’s name, the child’s date of birth, the current address of the school the child is attending, the names, telephone numbers and addresses of the persons who currently have custody of the child.

An affidavit of intent is not required after 30 days unless the homeschool is terminated and then resumed. The parent or guardian must notify the county school superintendent within 30 days of the termination of homeschooling that the child is no longer being instructed at home.

Arizona Accredited Homeschool Diploma

Students must complete an accredited online or correspondence home school curriculum in order to be eligible to receive an accredited high school diploma.  Another option is for the student to take the GED exam, which tests students on subjects K-12.  Students that plan to attend college or a trade school should consider taking the GED, since it is considered a high school diploma equivalency.

Arizona Homeschool Sports and Activities

A child who resides within the attendance area of a public school and who is instructed at home shall be allowed to try out for interscholastic activities on behalf of the public school in the same manner as a pupil who is enrolled in that public school. Registration, age eligibility requirements, fees, insurance, transportation, physical condition, qualifications, responsibilities, event schedules, standard of behavior and performance policies for home schooled students must be consistent with those policies established for students enrolled in that public school. B. A child who is instructed at home and who was previously enrolled in a school shall be ineligible to participate in interscholastic activities for the remainder of the school year during which the child was enrolled in a school.

Arizona Homeschool Teaching Curriculum

Parents and private tutors can find teaching curriculum resources online and through the homeschool community. You can search the Internet, talk to other homeschoolers, and attend the annual home education convention hosted by AFHE. At the convention you can browse the exhibit hall and attend vendor workshops to learn more about their products.
Pick the right School curriculum for your child

Identify your child's learning style: It is helpful to spend some time observing your child to identify the way they learn best (auditory, visual, hands-on, etc.). There are many books on the market that can help you do this.  Identifying your child's learning style can help you choose the best curricula for your child.

Speak with other Homeschoolers: Talk to parents who have been homeschooling awhile. Talk to parents who have children similar to yours. Ask them what works well for them and why. Ask them what they have tried that they didn't like and why.

Try Different Things: It is important to understand that there may be some "trial and error" involved in choosing curriculum that will work well for your individual children and your family.
Moving to another AZ County

If a homeschooling family moves from one Arizona county to another, it is recommended that they notify the current county that they will no longer be homeschooling in that county, and the parent or legal guardian should file an

Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool in the new county of residence along with the child's certified birth certificate or other accepted proof of birth.All Arizona counties will not accept photocopied birth certificates

For more information on the Arizona Homeschool program, we've provided the contact information for each county's superintendent in Arizona:

Apache County
P.O. Box 548, St. Johns, AZ  85936

Cochise County
P.O. Drawer 208, Bisbee, AZ  85603

Coconino County
2384 N. Steves Blvd., Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Gila County
1400 E. Ash Street, Globe, AZ  85501
928-425-3231  ext. 8784

Graham County
921 Thatcher Blvd., Safford, AZ  85546

Greenlee County
253 5th St., PO Box 1595, Clifton, AZ  85533

La Paz County
1112 Joshua Ave., Suite. 205, Parker, AZ  85344

Maricopa County
4041 N. Central Ave., Ste. 1100 Phoenix, AZ  85012

Mohave County
P.O. Box 7000, Kingman, AZ 86401

Navajo County
P.O. Box 668, Holbrook, AZ 86025

Pima County
130 W. Congress, 4th Floor, Tucson, AZ  85701-1317

Pinal County
75 N. Bailey St., Florence, AZ 85232

Santa Cruz County
2150 N. Congress Dr., Suite. 107 Nogales, AZ 85621

Yuma County
210 S. First Ave. Yuma, AZ 85364

Yavapai County
1015 Fair St., Rm 324, Prescott, AZ  86305

Privacy Policy

A homeschool that operates under the home school statute is not a private school in Arizona.  A “home school” means a school conducted primarily by the parent, guardian or other person who has custody of the child or instruction provided in the child’s home.

The parent or person with custody must also provide the county school superintendent either a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.  If the parent or guardian is unable to provide a birth certificate then another reliable proof of identity and age can be provided along with an affidavit explaining why a copy of the birth certificate can’t be provided.

We encourage families to use the affidavit provided by AFHE as it includes only the information required by law and includes a privacy statement prohibiting the county from sharing information contained in the affidavit.

Please mail your Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool to the County School Superintendent for the county in which you live.  There is no formal process or specific form that must be completed, but we recommend that you notify your child's school principal or administration in writing that you will be removing your child to educate them at home.

Teacher Requirements: There are no parent/teacher requirements necessary to homeschool. 

Standardized Testing: There are no standardized testing necessary for homeschool students.