High School Diploma

High school is an important time for many, but having a high school diploma is even more important.  A high school diploma will improve the chances of young adults receiving a higher income and improving their overall standard of living.  High school dropouts are 72 percent more likely to be unemployed as compared to high school graduates, which is a stat provided by the US Department of Labor.  Students who graduate from high school earn an average of $9,245 more money per year than students who do not complete school.  AS you can see, having a high school diploma is very important to have if you want to improve your overall standard of living.

If you want to graduate high school early, there are options available both online and in the traditional school setting that can help you receive your high school diploma faster than most.  Students have the option of taking high school online classes to receive additional high school credits that can be applied towards graduation.  Students can also choose to complete their entire high school education online through an online high school.  Online high schools allow students to work at their own pace, so motivated students that want to graduate early can complete their online courses much faster than in the traditional high school setting.  An online high school is made available to any individual that has not received a high school diploma or GED.
Students that are behind in credits can take high school credit recovery online.  High school credit recovery is made available to students that are behind or have failed courses in the past to get them caught up in credits.  All credits earned in credit recovery can be applied to the studentís transcripts, so they will be able to graduate high school on time.  High school credit recovery is the modern day summer school, since students that have failed classes during the regular school term can now take an accelerated class to get the necessary credits.  Due to school budget cuts, many schools are no longer offering summer school, which is why more students are forced to use credit recovery classes to make up the credits needed to graduate.

Advanced students also have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses online through an accredited online high school.  Most online AP classes are accelerated and can be completed within a fraction of the time needed within the traditional school setting.  Students are able to communicate with their teachers online and have study groups where students are able to work on group projects.  All AP credits earned can be applied towards their college education if they choose to pursue a college degree.
The traditional school setting isnít for all students.  Troubled teens, busy teens, or teens in the entertainment industry all may not do well in the traditional high school setting.  These students can now receive their high school diploma through high school home schooling.  Home schooling is great for teens that have a full-time job while in high school, troubled teens, or have other more important obligations besides high school.  Each state has their own particular home schooling graduation requirements, so itís important you follow up with your local school district to determine what is necessary to successfully complete a high school home schooling program. 
Adults that have not completed high school either through a traditional setting, online high school, or home schooling have the opportunity to receive a GED (General Education Diploma).  The GED is for adults, age 18 or older, who have not received their high school diploma.  The GED is a high school diploma equivalent certificate and is considered by most post-secondary institutions and employers as a regular high school diploma.  Each state has certain requirements that must be met in order to take the GED exam.  The average age of individuals that pass the GED exam in the United States is 23.8 years. In order to take the exam, students under the age of 18 must meet their stateís compulsory attendance requirements and state GED age requirements.  For high school dropouts, earning a GED is the only opportunity to prepare for a better job or to pursue a college education.

There are many different options available for students wanting to receive their high school diploma.  A high school education is extremely important in todayís economy and many employers will no longer consider potential employees without a high school diploma.  It is estimated that 47 percent of high school dropouts are employed compared to 64 percent of high school graduates not in college.  Having a high school diploma improves an individualís standard of living and gives them more opportunities that they wouldnít have without a high school diploma.

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